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Funding & Support
Apply for Funding

To complete an online Employer Registration form click here.

Check the list of qualifications that are eligible for CITB Support Funding here.

Once you have registered we will send you your user name (your CITB Number) together with your password and User Manual.

When your Apprentice claim is due, we will be in touch with you to organise claiming.

For further information about Apprentice Funding please visit our FAQ page here.

Apprentice Funding

The CITB provides generous support funding to employers in the building and construction industry who directly employ an Apprentice under an endorsed Training Contract.

The funding is applied in 2 streams in order to assist an employer to produce a qualified tradesperson at the completion of an apprenticeship.

On-Job Support Funding
Each year you demonstrate that you have provided your Apprentice with a wide and varied set of skills relevant to their qualification CITB will make a payment in recognition of this effort. The funding stream is aimed at ensuring the Apprentice gets thoroughly trained in different techniques, scenarios and situations to get them ready for life as a qualified tradesperson. All that is required is for you and your Apprentice to complete the relevant ebook and submit an annual claim. To be eligible to access this support funding you and your Apprentice must be using either My Profiling (for construction) or eprofiling (for electrical)

On-Job Funding Construction Trades        Electricians

Maximum Funding Available (over 4 years)       



Maximum Claim per year



All the funding has conditions - but we try and make it as easy as possible.


I hire apprentices through a Group Scheme.
If you already use an apprentice through a group scheme - don't worry - you still receive the benefit of CITB support funding through a reduced hourly rate.

What do apprentices get out of this?
Apprentices get paid to train, gaining a recognised qualification and a rewarding career in the construction industry without a university debt.

Trade School Support Funding

When your Apprentice enrols at Trade School, the CITB provides an upfront discount on trade school fees. All they need to do is show their valid CITB Training Card and the RTO and CITB take care of the rest. No card No discount.
Trade School Support Funding is aimed to ensure that the cost of trade school is affordable and is not a barrier for Employers thinking of taking on an apprentice. Remember it is the Employer who must bear the cost of trade school fees according to Fairwork Australia.


Trade School Support Funding Construction Trades        Electricians 

Maximum Funding Available (over 3 years)      



Maximum Claim per year